Your wedding cake will be the centerpiece of the reception. But even with the loveliest cake in the world, the cake stand can make a tremendous difference in the look and stability of your cake. There are standard cake stands and then there are remarkably striking stands that bring out the beauty of your cake.

Even with multiple tiers and delightful cake accents, a decorative stand can mean the difference between plain and exquisite. There are several things to consider when choosing a cake stand. First, know how many tiers your cake will have and how it will need to be arranged on the reception table. You might need a cake stand that holds three tiers or one that holds four or five.

Next, choose the stand material. There are various sturdy materials such as space age plastic or crystal. There are silver-plated stands and pearl stands with highlighted gold and silver accents, which are lightweight, but heavy duty. For stacked wedding cakes, there are fluted cake stands or scalloped stands made of silver-plated material. If you want something really unique, try acrylic tubes with the cake stand and add fresh or silk flowers, sparkling lights (battery-operated), clear marbles, or other decorative accents to match your reception decor.

Cake Stand Styles

To go for the extraordinary look, browse cake stands in various styles to find that perfect one. There are heart-shaped stands, tall tier stands, arched tier sets, scroll cake stands, floral cascades, spiral separator sets, globe pillar sets, garden cake stands, candlelight stands, and other styles so you can easily find one to suit your desires.

Some cake stands come with accessories such as staircases, candles, scroll stands, fountains, ribbons, revolving turntables, and other items. There are also many accessories to decorate the cake such as trellises, arches, mini chapels, hearts, gates, crosses, chapel windows, mini gazebos, and mini accent lights. These along with a beautiful cake topper can really make your wedding cake shine.

If you’re able, it’s a good idea to get a fountain stand for punch or champagne that matches or looks similar to your cake stand. This makes it easier to coordinate your reception decor. With all the options available, it’s easy to see how the right wedding cake stand can be used to highlight the vibrant colors of your cake and amaze your guests.

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