Every girl dreams of their wedding day and each one of them has a mental picture of their perfect wedding. Some picture themselves walking down the aisle at Bosjes Estate in a sparkling and voluptuous gown, others picture a sunny afternoon in a simple dress, surrounded by green gardens and blooming flowers and others picture short and light dresses on a secluded Atlantic Ocean beach found on the South African coastline. Today, we focus on the girls whose preference leans towards a fabulous beach wedding.

What ought one to do when considering a beach wedding and what one ought not to do?

To begin with, ensure that you watch the weather for a couple of weeks prior to the wedding date. Wouldn’t it be such a mess if your wedding turned into a freak show by sudden storms or high tides? When considering a beach wedding it is crucial to keep monitoring the weather along the coastline for a couple of weeks before your wedding. If the tides keep on rising time and again so close to your wedding date or if storms keep recurring along the coastline just a few weeks or days before your wedding, it would be wise to postpone the wedding or change the venue. Better yet, consult the weatherman for accurate prediction of your wedding day weather. Never ignore any telltale signs of bad weather. Better safe than sorry.

Consider light attire for your wedding. As is known, beaches are well windy and sunny on a good weather day. Why then kill yourself with layers of clothing when you can have something light instead? Everyone from the Bridesmaids to the Groomsmen, even the bride herself ought to wear something light and free, no one would like a sweaty bridal party.

Remember the beach is also full of sand and as such closed shoes would be a nightmare if sand got inside the shoes and heels would most definitely keep sinking in the sand. Opt for open flat shoes.

Tip for the bride; put your hair in an updo. We wouldn’t want it flying in your mouth as you say your vows.

Plan your wedding for the appropriate time. Everyone knows that the worst time to be on the beach is when the sun is out blazing hot. We don’t want people baking alive and we most definitely do not like being sunburnt. As such choose a time when the sun is not high up in the sky. Most preferable is the evening as it is not only convenient but also creates that romantic atmosphere. What would be more romantic than kissing the love of your life in the beautiful rays of the evening sun as it dips away?

Lastly, but in fact, most crucial, ensure that you hire a private beach. Public beaches are open to all Tom, Dick and Harry’s leading to a more than the usual number of gate crashers and onlookers who aren’t part of your guest list. To avoid all this menace, strive towards booking a spot on a private beach. These are majorly offered by big restaurants and resorts located along the beach. Having put all of the above in mind, you are bound to have a splendid beach wedding.

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