Although there is no justified reason why anyone should attend a wedding uninvited, some people actually mean well. However, there are people who are plain cruel and have sinister motives. Some of the reasons why people attend a wedding without an invitation include:


There are people who are free-spirited and are always looking for something crazy or bizarre to do. The adrenaline that is associated with being in the wrong place will sometimes take over and they will crash at a wedding just to see the reaction. These people, however, mean no harm and in most cases as soon as they are found out, they just make a quiet exit.

Seeking experience

When planning your own wedding, you engage the services providers. In some cases, you have not seen what they can do in reality. A couple that is planning a wedding may attend another wedding uninvited so that they can see and experience the services provided by the various service providers before making a final decision.

Revenge or Jealousy

Unfortunately, there are people who will invite themselves for a wedding with the sole purpose of spoiling the entire event. These could be former partners who are yet to move on and therefore unable to accept the fact that their former partners have found new love and made the decision to settle down. Others could just attend the wedding in order to settle a score due to some unresolved personal differences.


There are people who will attend the wedding just because they know you or have interacted with you at some point. They, therefore, attend the wedding as an obligation even if they were not invited.

The best way to ensure that there are no uninvited guests is to have tight security. However, some people will still manage to sneak unnoticed through the security barrier. When this happens it is important to be able to handle the situation in a way that is less dramatic. The security team should, however, establish the reason why the person has attended the event and once that is done an amicable decision would be made.

One of the ways to handle the uninvited guest is to just let them be. This is especially applicable to a guest who is well settled and is not causing any unwanted scenes. The other way would be to ask the security team to quietly help them to exit the event.

However, if someone is hell-bent on spoiling the occasion they should be thrown out of the wedding as soon as they are identified so as to avoid the unnecessary drama that would end up ruining a very special day.

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