Finding the perfect wedding ring is not an easy task if you are not well-versed in all things jewellery.

Before you head out to the jewellery store, do some research! Try to figure out a few of these key pieces of information that you would need to keep in mind when you are trying to find that special ring for your lady!

Pay Attention To Her Personal Style!

When you are spending time with her, your main focus may not be on the types of clothing she is wearing or how her style may vary from day-to-day. However, if you are planning to propose and buy an engagement ring, it is a good idea to start paying closer attention and be more aware of her personal style and dress sense.

Sophisticated and stylish!
If she always has something sleek and stylish on, you will want to be sure that the ring you pick out is fashion-forward and on-trend. This, of course, may change over time, but will often include large stones with exquisite clarity and perfectly cut diamonds or precious stones. Current trends include open settings, princess cut diamonds (on trend and yet classic at the same time), and rose gold bands.

Simple and casual!
If her personal style is more simple and casual on the other hand, an understated or elegantly simple ring may suit her style best, such as a single diamond with a simple band.

Vintage and unique!
You may find that she likes unique or classic antique pieces of jewellery – these unique pieces of jewellery or antique rings usually have an amazing story attached to it, and is definitely a great option! Be sure to check out your local antique jewellery store for special or great finds!

While You’re At It, Look At Her Jewellery Collection!

Check to see if she has any preference when it comes to stone colour or type. For example, some ladies love to wear their birthstone and it might be a nice touch to incorporate that into your engagement.

Love is in the details, and after all – this is your always and forever. All the best!

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