There are things that you cannot avoid happening on your wedding day. There may be a hurricane, or your three-year-old page boy may throw a tantrum immediately before you walk down the aisle. But there are some mistakes that are 100% avoidable. Here is a guide to the top ten biggest wedding mistakes that you can completely avoid.

10. Hiring A Friend Instead Of A Professional

If your best friend from college is an expert Instagrammer, that does not make her a professional photographer. Likewise, if you have a friend who can create amazing playlists, that does not qualify him to be the D.J of your wedding. It is great to hire professionals who can take care of the big things for your wedding – such as music, photography, and food – even on a smaller budget. This will save you from the stress of micromanaging your friends since your hired professionals will strive to ultimately fulfill your wedding vision. After all, everyone wants their friends to enjoy their wedding, and not to work it out.

9. Not Having Quality Time For The Photo Session

Photos are very important, right? If you squeeze thirty minutes for your photo session, your photos won’t come out looking great. A good photo session should take about one and a half hours. This will help you look more relaxed and as a result, your photos will come out as great as you expected them to be. It is also advisable to take separate photos right before your wedding so that you schedule time for only group photos after the wedding.

8. Having Your Hair And Make-up Done Too Late

Of course, you would want to be the last one in your wedding party to have your hair and make up done. However, schedule with your make-up artist and hair stylist to see how much time it will take you, so that you cannot waste too much time on your wedding day. Also, reserve some two hours in case you need a redo.

7. Informing Everyone About Your Wedding

Refrain from telling everyone that you are going to wed in the near future. Some people will be disappointed with you when you end up not inviting them. The more you inform people about your wedding, the more the ideas you will get on how to plan your wedding which may result in a conflict of both choice and interest. It is also better to surprise your guests on your wedding day. For example; don’t tell them beforehand that you will be serving made to order pizza.

6. Choosing The Wrong Wedding Party

When choosing your wedding party, please pick your closest family members and friends. There will be specific moments on your wedding day when you will need immediate help from them. Thus, it is advisable to choose people who will not fail you and who you can trust completely.

5. Controlling Your Priority Vendors

Once you have hired your priority vendors, it is best to leave them at their work immediately after the first meeting. Control the urge to supervise each and every minute detail of their preparations and work. Lest your priority vendors are not professional, they will deliver quality work to you.

4. Not Hiring A Wedding Videographer

While photos are a must, don’t eliminate the video. Your wedding video will show you moments you may have missed out on your wedding; such as you and your spouse kissing and your friends tearing up the dance floor.

3. Drafting Your Guest List Too Early

Don’t send the wedding invitation cards too soon. Some of your close friends may turn into acquaintances or some of your acquaintances may turn into your close friends. You should draft the final guest list at least three months before the wedding so as not to leave out family and friends who you cannot afford to miss at your wedding.

2. Insisting To Use Specific Flower Types

If you have booked your florist a year before the wedding day, the florist can only guess which flowers will be available based on your preferences and price range. If you just want a specific flower type, let’s say carnations – you will be disappointed. Instead, have a backup plan and focus on the shapes and colours rather than the type.

1. Spending Too Much On Your Wedding Dress

If you only have R10 000 budgeted for your bridal outfit, then don’t just spend the R10 000 on just the wedding dress. Reserve room for both tax and shipping charges, in case you are buying them abroad. You may also need alterations on the dress, which will cost you a big deal. You will also have to take care of undergarments, veils, shoes, jewelry and hair accessories.

Well, if you avoid these wedding planning mistakes that many people tend to make, your wedding will be classy and glamorous as you would want it to be. What’s more – you, your spouse, your friends, and family members will enjoy your wedding to the very best.

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