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Bridesmaids Dresses: What to consider?

What to consider when choosing your bridesmaids dresses!

Bridesmaid dress shopping is a fun experience that will allow you and your girls to bond. And while bonding may be the aim, it can be a stressful experience too. Although you may value their input, it’s worth noting, it is impossible to meet their individual needs. Each of your bridesmaids will have different body types, differ in height and individual preferences.

Our bridesmaid dresses category brings inspiration that’ll keep the panic at bay and features styles and colours both you and your bridal party will love. Shopping for bridesmaid dresses is a process before you can decide on either style or colour we recommend you make a wedding checklist. Your bridesmaids’ dresses will tie in with your theme, your wedding gown and the location of your wedding.

Consider your theme, and how the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses tie in with your overall theme? Which wedding dress design are you opting for, and which bridesmaids dress style will best compliment your dress? Will it be an outdoor wedding in summer or a rustic themed wedding in a barn setting during autumn? What will the groomsmen wear? The basics mentioned below will help you choose the perfect bridesmaids dresses that’ll have you and your girls turning heads while walking down the aisle.

With body type, height, preference and the main attraction, which is your gown being obvious factors to consider when choosing your bridesmaids gowns, you should also keep the season, location, skin tones vs colours and the hairstyles your girls will be sporting on your big day in mind.

Popular and Trending Bridesmaids Dress Styles!

Chiffon Skirt:

Flowy, comfortable and versatile are a few of many words we can use to describe the Chiffon Skirt. Gone are the days of bridesmaids wearing dresses for the occasion and these dresses never seeing the light of day again. The wedding industry has evolved to such an extent where bridesmaids dresses can be worn beyond the big day.

Chiffon skirts are one such trend. This skirt can be dressed up or down according to preference and can be styled to suit the wedding gown. Although simple in appearance, chiffon skirts are super chic and they own bragging rights for being perfect for any body type.

If you’re having a beach wedding, chiffon skirts should be your ultimate go-to. Since they are highly versatile, you can pair these skirts with almost anything. A spaghetti strap top paired with a chiffon skirt is perfect for casual, intimate weddings. Long-sleeved shirts are best for a polished and pretty appearance, while crop tops are ideal for those aiming for a flattering look. For a more romantic appearance, a chiffon skirt paired with a lace top is best.
Chiffon skirts tie in perfectly with bohemian or casual wedding themes. The lightweight material ensures ease of movement and gives the appearance of a slimmer and slender look.

While these skirts can be altered according to your bridesmaids’ height and weight, short brides may want to consider a wedge or high heels for added height with the long skirt. Whether you have short or long hair, you’re in luck. Chiffons skirts suit both and can you opt for either an updo or beachy waves.

Chiffon skirts have us fangirling in every sense, and we’re sure your bridesmaids will do this skirt justice.


One Shoulder:

A 2019 trend that has booted off the shoulder dresses off its thrown and rightfully earned first place, one-shoulder dresses are the hottest silhouette right now. This design is flattering, flirty, sophistication and fabulous all wrapped up in one. We’ll have to admit, there’s little to not love about a one-shoulder dress. Above the knee, knee-length and floor-length one-shoulder dresses, although different in appearance, and suitable for different wedding themes are a style you’re not wanting to give a miss.

What we love most above one shoulder dresses is how well pretty much any pattern works on these dresses and how different one-shoulder styles flatters the body in their respective ways. If you’re keen to show skin, a spaghetti strap, fitted from the waist down one-shoulder dress will elegantly show off a slender figure and with emphasis on the neck area. If you’re the bridesmaid who requires a bit more coverage, one-shoulder dresses that shows off only part of your neck area will best suit you.

While the main attraction of these dresses is the one-shoulder fit, the detail also plays a vital role. Does it have ruffled detail that’s equally casual and fun or does the one-shoulder extend down into a sophisticated and sleek long sleeve? Is it a simplistic, plain design, or does it have symmetrical lines that make it pop? From formal to boho, one-shoulder dresses are your “can’t go wrong" bridesmaid dress style that suits any occasion, shape and height.



Does neckline play an important role when choosing a dress? YES, it most certainly does. While we never really shop based on a particular neckline, our focus is usually on the silhouette and colour, we can’t deny the importance of the neckline.

Where to begin with a v-neckline; is it suitable? If you’re judging by appearance only, what more is there to consider when taking into account all of what v-necklines has to offer? Bustier bridesmaids don’t fear, a v-neckline doesn’t mean your breasts will be on display and a distraction. V-neckline can subtly accentuate your bust and show them off in a less distracting, yet appealing manner. For the bridesmaids with smaller breasts, v-neckline look as good on you as it does any other bridesmaid.

With the v-neckline, you can go for a deep plunging V or one that doesn’t extend as far down, both flatters the body in their respective ways. And while a deeper plunge may look good on women with smaller breasts, a woman with a bigger bust will look amazing with a slight v-neckline. Paired with an A-line silhouette, these dresses will suit any body type effortlessly. For a sexy and chic look, add a slit to show some leg. A neckline in contrast to that of your wedding gown will complement it well, and v-necklines stylishly show off a wedding gown with an illusion or sweetheart neckline.


Mismatched Gowns:

With different style preferences, body types and unique features can send both you and your bridesmaids into wedding meltdown. How do you accommodate each of them? Simple – mismatched gowns.

Now let’s be realistic, mismatched doesn’t mean having your bridesmaids look like circus clowns. With alternating lengths that complement one another, different shades of the same colour and varying necklines, mismatched dresses is a wedding must rather than a wedding miss. The key to mismatched gowns is finding the right balance. Between the styles, your bridesmaids will wear and your wedding gown. When you nail the balance, your wedding will be the envy of all weddings.

Modern society is far more forgiving and flexible when it comes to the fashion industry and weddings in particular. While bridesmaids previously were expected to wear match from the dress and the shoes down to the hair too, a new era has dawned upon us, and it seems to be accepting of the mismatch trend. While this may seem like an easy choice, consider the mismatch look carefully. When you go for fittings, ensure all your bridesmaids are present to see how they look as a collective bridal party in mismatched gowns. Don’t settle for the first look your bridesmaids try.

Play around with the various necklines, patterns, fabrics and dress lengths. If you’re considering different colours as opposed to different shades, be sure to pair colours that complement one another, your dress and their skin tones. Keep in mind the season as well as the location of your wedding.


Wrap Dress:

A dress that has been around for centuries and is arguably the holy grail of all dresses wrap dresses never ceases to amaze, and no matter how fashion trends change, the wrap dress will never go out of style. The most versatile of all, wrap dresses effortlessly show off your curves, while hiding problem areas.

They are feminine, chic and sexy. We’d list all descriptive words in the dictionary to highlight the perfection wrap dresses represent. Let’s talk silhouettes, A-line is by far the most popular. This dress flows gracefully and will have your bridesmaids looking like modern angels.

Whether you’re wanting a sleeveless, long-sleeved, off the shoulder, capped sleeves, one-shoulder design – wrap dresses look phenomenal either way. Suitable for both summer and winter, the wrap dress is sexy without revealing too much. For a cosy and comfy fit with flattering sex appeal, wrap dresses reign most high! What’s more to love about these dresses is that they double as a semi-formal or casual dress for everyday use. While wrap dresses score top marks on our bridesmaids dress list, if you have bridesmaids who are bustier, we recommend you try a few different wrap dress options as these can be a hit or miss for your bustier bridesmaids.

Dress shopping can be stressful for both you and your girls; however, the key to successful bridesmaid dress shopping is not to overthink. Plan your shopping trip ahead of time and take the entirety of your big day into account. But most of all, take the time to have fun with your girls while shopping!

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