Top Wedding Photographers in the Western Cape

In the Beautiful Western Cape of South Africa.

Finding a competitive wedding photographer is among one of the most important things to do before a wedding. A professional photographer will capture all the memorable moments of the big day and preserve the joy and emotions felt by you and your loved ones. Finding the best wedding photographer to meet your needs involves a bit of research.

Below you will find a few of our favourite wedding photographers which are truly Stunningly South African!


Tertius Gous

Cape Town

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This could be be your sport!

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This could be be your sport!

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This could be be your sport!

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To get the best wedding photographer, start by searching the internet about wedding photographers operating in your city. Concentrate on the ones who have appealing wedding portfolios. Look at the quality of the photos. Would you like yours to be like those ones? Select the best photographer according to the information they have provided and contact them so that you can arrange for an eye-to-eye meeting with each one of them.

During the meeting, consider the following things:

Full-time or Part-time photographer?

Seek to know whether they are full time or part-time. Photographers who devote all their time shooting and processing photos as their primary job could have a better experience in the profession. It’s also a good idea to ask if they work alone or as a team of two or more photographer’s during your big day.


Experience Level

Ask how experienced they are and be interested to see supportive information – such as their business cards, websites as well as social media.



Ask about the equipment used. For the best pictures, wedding photography requires professional equipment; quality cameras and lenses create high-quality photos. A professional wedding photographer invests decently in his/her gear.


Comission Agreement

Does the photographer offer a commissioning agreement? In other words, what are the terms and conditions that will help to avoid misunderstandings? A commissioning agreement between you and the photographer is highly recommended.


Final Product and delivery

Ask the photographer what you can expect to receive in the wedding package, i.e. the number of photo images (hard and electronic copies), the format they will be given to you (hard cand if a coffee book table wedding album is included in the package.


Business Insurance

Ask the photographers whether or not they have third party insurance. Insurance is essential because in case of unfortunate accidents like if the equipment is accidentally broken, the insurance can pay and you are saved of extra expenses.

After liking the general style of the photographer, you can now proceed to know about the fee charged for the service.

Making the above considerations ensures that you can find a wedding photographer who will mark your most important moments with photos that will be admired by anyone who sees them. It is imperative that you set a budget within which all the wedding photography must be held to avoid unnecessary expenses.