Top Wedding Venue's in the Western Cape

In the Beautiful Western Cape of South Africa.

The Western Cape of South Africa is certainly one of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes you will come accross. From the dry Karoo in the inlands to the far stretching greenery of the Cape winelands and of course the amazing beaches! The Western Cape is home to famous town’s and cities such as Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Paarl and Franschhoek to meantion a few. The province is filled with little gems and certainly has the ability to leave  you stunned by the gorgeous views available at every corner!

Below you will find a few of our favourite wedding venue’s which are truly Stunningly South African!








Rickety Bridge


Stunning bridesmaids walking through nature at Faraway Estate 001

Faraway Estate


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Popular locations

Featured Video: Bona Dea Estate in Hermanus

Important things to consider when looking for a wedding venue in the Western Cape:

Be sure to have an idea of your ideal or dream wedding setting. Whether it be in a forest or a glass architectural masterpiece, this will significantly assist in driving you into the direction of finding your perfect wedding venue. We feel that one of the main criteria to get through first is the question: Should it be an outdoor or an indoor wedding? We, therefore, feel it’s best to prepare ahead of time and ask the right questions.

Weather, seasons and the wind factor.

We have come to learn during our time here in the Western Cape – that the weather tends to have a mind of its own. Some people may even say that it can be 4 seasons in one day. The last thing that we would want is to have your wedding day ruined due to some misbehaving weather.

In the summer period (December to March) The weather is wonderfully warm and hot, with the sun setting well into the evening around 20:30 – 21:00. You are more-likely-than-not, assured of a great summer’s day!
Specific locations, however, tend to be exposed to strong winds, with the more land-based sites avoiding the wind-risk to a certain extent. Be sure to ask your wedding venue about the wind and the possibility of it playing a role on your big day!

If you’re planning a winter wedding: This is also a lovely time and comes with great options, usually with a discounted on rate, as this time is the rainy season (June – August) in the Cape. You could create a warm and intimate atmosphere at your wedding with fires and an intimate, warm wedding venue.

Ask – “What’s Included in the wedding package?"

When visiting your potential wedding venue, it’s a good idea to be prepared and jot down a few questions that you may have beforehand. Once you arrive, the splendour of most venue’s tends to allow you to forget important issues that may need clarity from the venue wedding assistant, which will be showing you around. We always find that it’s a good idea to ask what is included in the wedding package, and even more so – what’s not included. This will allow you to avoid any misunderstanding and issues later on.

Noise level restrictions:

As most of the venues are open area estates or farms, with animals or neighbours nearby, it’s a good idea to ask about noise level restrictions and how strict they are on this issue. As we all like to have a good party and at the best time during the reception, the last thing you would want is any complaints which may dampen your night slightly.

Prefered Wedding Vendors:

Ask the wedding venue assistant whether they have a contact list of wedding vendors who have previously serviced weddings at the venue. Usually, the venue will only endorse great vendors who are able to deliver excellence and have a good track record with them. Wedding vendors who have previous experience with the venue would have a feel of the venue, they would also have the required information and the experience which could save a lot of time and effort on your side.

Nearby accommodation, drunk driving and a guest shuttle:

Ask about possible nearby accommodation for yourself and your guests, as this area is a high volume tourist location and books up very fast, especially over peak periods. Also, as there may possibly be some consumption of alcohol, we find that the Western Cape has a zero-tolerance for drinking and driving. It’s best to organize a shuttle service for your guests or have them book accommodation as close as possible to your venue. Wedding venue usually has an accommodation contact list already prepared for your convenience. Try to send out this info to your guests as soon as possible, so that they can plan ahead of time based on their availability and budget.

The best time for your Beach Wedding:

If you’re opting for a beautiful beach wedding, we recommend that you consider the time of the day, the ocean tide as well as the wind factor. Beach weddings can be beautiful when done right. Avoid having guests overexposed to too much sun, as well as strong winds. For more info on the beach wedding do’s and don’ts check out our article.